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The goal at Innovative Outdoorsman is to provide value added tools for bowhunters. Our Bow holder is not just a stand hunter's tool or a deer hunter's tool. Still hunters, bow fishermen, spot and stalk hunters will hopefully find value in a hands free, dual contact point bow holder. Check it out and we think you will agree.

Bowhunters are a great group of individuals. We are particular about our gear. One topic that always comes up whenever bowhunters meet and that's Broadheads (every hunter has a favorite). We all know the best broadhead is one that is razor sharp. We owe that level of lethality to the game we hunt. Just because a broadhead has become dull due to practice or from being passed through a game animal does not mean that blade should be discarded. It's just dull, it can be restored with ease. Perhaps the broadheads you buy aren't as sharp as you would like, right out of the package. These are some of the reasons why I created the "Stay Sharp" Broadhead Sharpening Guide. If you can roll a toy car on a counter top, you have all the skills required to achieve razor sharp broadheads. Always enter the woods with the sharpest and most lethal broadheads possible. With the "Stay Sharp" Broadhead Sharpening Guide, you won't have to wonder if your blades are sharp enough to do the job..

Please know that if you ever have an issue or problem with any Innovative Outdoorsman product, all you need to do is contact us and we will make it right. Customer satisfaction is a priority. Just call 262-490-2123 or email us at info@innovativeoutdoorsmanllc.com.



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